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Rimfire® Power Hub Assembly is an exciting, new, ultra-bright lighting product that significantly increases the visibility of the bicycle rider to the motorist.

With rising fuel costs and the advent of the green consumer, more cyclists are sharing the road with motorists each year. The number of accidents involving automobiles and bicyclists has increased at an alarming rate. Spinning Innovations, an American sporting goods and safety light design company, has designed an outstanding product to aid in the safety, fun and enjoyment of riding your bicycle in the hours of darkness.

  • 3 Hyper-bright LED assemblies for
    maximum brilliance and effect

  • Enhances your visibility on and
    off road

  • Rugged lightweight design

  • Fits most spoke bicycle wheels

  • Battery saving auto-off function

  • Typical battery life up to 120 hours

  • 9 programmable light sequencing

  • Easy to install with only a screw-

  • Looks great in the dark yet very
    discreet in the daylight
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