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Installation Instructions
Prior to installation refer to the Installation Instruction Sheet.

Do not remove original wheel reflectors!

Rimfire® is used in addition to original equipment wheel reflectors.

Riding at night is dangerous! Please use adult supervision and obey all local laws.

Rimfire® is not intended for motor vehicles.
Step 1 - Remove battery cover and install batteries according to diagram on inside of battery compartments. Reinstall battery covers. (do not over tighten screws) Step 2 - Locate "OPEN" Step 3 - Position unit as shown and apply pressure with your thumb while pulling up.
Step 4 - For reference Step 5 - For reference Step 6 - Feed unit through spokes with the On/Mode/Off button and battery door covers facing away from the spokes on the left side of the axle.
Step 7 - For reference Step 8 - For reference Step 9 - Position Hub around the axle and snap unit back together. NOTE: The back of the unit mounts against the spokes.
Step 10 - NOTE: It is easiest to install three spoke clips evenly (or as close to) around the hub. Loosely install first spoke clip and hardware. Step 11 - Find same slot position on next section and loosely install spoke clip and hardware. Step 12 - Find same slot position on next section and loosely install spoke clip and hardware. After all three sections have one spoke clip installed slowly spin the wheel and reposition the hub to center it. Slightly tighten the spoke clips and then check to see if Hub is centered again. Repeat if necessary. When you have centered the Hub tighten down the three spoke clips.
(Do not over tighten)
Step13 - Install three remaining spoke clips and be sure to tighten all clips.
(Do not over tighten)
Step 14 - For reference Step 15 - NOTE: For best results evenly space the three light lens assemblies from one another around the wheel. Install the lens assembly as shown using the spoke closest to the corresponding plug receptacle on the Hub. Ensure to install the split washer first then washer on screw. Important! Spoke must be between spoke mounting slot and flat washer.
Step 16 - Position the light lens as close to the rim as possible and adjust the light lens so that the top is horizontal to the ground when in the 12 o'clock position and tighten screws. (Do not over tighten) Step 17 - Begin to wrap the coiled wire around the spoke. NOTE: The coiled wire should be easy to wrap, if not, twist wire in opposite direction. Step 18 - For reference
Step 19 - Insert plug into Hub jack. NOTE: If wire is to short untwist wire a few turns to extend wire length. Step 20 - For reference Step 21 - For reference
Step 22 - For reference Step 23 - For reference Step 24 - For reference
instructions - page1oooinstructions - page1
Step 25 - For reference Download Installation Instructions Or view instructions as images

Rimfire® Operation: Push the On/Mode/Off button to turn on unit. Each time the button is pressed changes the mode of light sequencing to create a different light pattern. You may select one of eight modes or choose the final mode (mode 9) to have the unit automatically and continuously change modes every three seconds.

Rimfire® is equipped with an auto-off function. If the unit senses no motion for five minutes it will automatically turn off to save battery power. The On/Mode/Off button must be pushed to turn the unit back on.




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